Bless My Funk

Desde nuestros comienzos nos enorgullecemos de celebrar la individualidad, la autoconciencia y el carácter. Enfocándonos en brindar a nuestros clientes la oportunidad de divertirse expresándose a través de nuestro trabajo.

Since our beginning we take pride on celebrating individuality, self-awareness and character.

Focusing on providing our customers with the opportunity to have fun expressing themselves through our work.

We are a contemporary homeware brand and design studio based in the caribbean, Dominican Republic.

Bless My Funk Homeʼs signature approach to bold back colors, crafting textiles, and pattern printing with humor and a strong focus on uniqueness is inspired by the retro-future aesthetic, surrealism, and pop culture.

Our studio feels the need to reflect todayʼs society and consumer, aiming to create a fun and enjoyable environment for those who dare to play.

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