Carolina Socias

“INDÓMITA fue un despertar para mí: me permitió hacer cosas que había dejado de hacer por costos y tiempo”, comenta Carolina Socias. “Porque esa lentitud en la producción es un lujo… y es lujo”.

"INDÓMITA was an awakening for me: it allowed me to do things that I had stopped doing due to costs and time," says Carolina Socias. "Because that slowness in production is a luxury ... and it is luxury."

When Carolina decided to launch her own swimwear brand in 2015, she did so because she did not see the visual references that inspired her in the market. "Nobody was talking about our everyday icons, like Roba la Gallina or the dealer," he explains.

However, when working with the work of Jorge Pineda, the path was different. "Instead of working with a literal resource, I was inspired by the idea of ​​camouflage, which he uses frequently, as an element that serves to cover our body," says Socías.

"There, in my research, I understood that the fabrics were born precisely because of that need for coverage, and that is why I sought to work with cotton and wool in a decorative way." Use a mixture of neoprene and wool for the swimsuits in this collection.

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