Casa Alfarera

      Casa Alfarera
Inspiración: Jorge Pineda

Es uno de los artistas contemporáneos más talentosos de nuestro país, cuyas piezas se han exhibido en Latinoamérica, en Estados Unidos y en Europa.

La misión encomendada a todos los diseñadores fue la misma: trabajar colecciones cápsula inéditas inspiradas en la obra de Jorge Pineda, específicamente en sus obras de 2020: “Niños con máscaras de piedra”, “El cuento”, “Ensayo y error”, y “Jardín roto”.

As an art historian, @ysabelamc frequently finds inspiration for Casa Alfarera ceramic pieces in historical compendia. However, he had rarely worked with a focus of “living” inspiration: having in front of the artist who created the works that would guide his designs.

"That's why I took the opportunity to talk with Jorge to get some insight into his creation process," explains Molini.

From these dialogues emerged the three pieces of the capsule collection, which combine Casa Alfarera's most requested models with touches related to Pineda's work.

One of them is a jug of the moon with the addition of a philodendron leaf, a motif that the artist often uses in his drawings; To get closer to the effect of camouflage, the piece has a marbled enamel base.

The other two are a vase with pineapple shapes and another in a polka dot version —the Polka model— with a great difference from what is usually found in Molini's own store.