Jasmin Abu Naba’a

      Jasmin Abu Naba’a
Inspiración: Jorge Pineda

Es uno de los artistas contemporáneos más talentosos de nuestro país, cuyas piezas se han exhibido en Latinoamérica, en Estados Unidos y en Europa.

La misión encomendada a todos los diseñadores fue la misma: trabajar colecciones cápsula inéditas inspiradas en la obra de Jorge Pineda, específicamente en sus obras de 2020: “Niños con máscaras de piedra”, “El cuento”, “Ensayo y error”, y “Jardín roto”.

From an early age, Jasmin Abu Naba'a was enthusiastic about bringing her own designs to life. This became a tool that allowed her to express her individuality through her own style and language. I never doubt her skill and her desire to be a designer. After studying Fashion Introduction at Chavón and Fashion Design in the United States, she launches her eponymous brand in the Dominican Republic. Upon becoming a mother, she did not think that she would design again, however, her daughters launched into her greatest inspiration and with the impulse of her loved ones, she resumed her passion in June 2020, this time it includes girls clothes.

The brand marks a lifestyle that stars today's woman, distinguished by her subtle elegance, delicacy and undoubted femininity. The fusion between streamlined simplicity and functionality will always be essential to her vision. Versatile designs with an undeniable sense of permanence and romantic sentiments aim to make any occasion feel special. Her pieces stand out for their amalgamation of subdued colors and timeless prints with ultra-flattering cuts, elevating the daily dress.