Miguel Genao

La onda dramática siempre ha estado en sus creaciones. Un joven que destaca por su fuerza en pasarela, autenticando su destreza descomunal en cada boceto que convierte en pieza.

The dramatic wave has always been in his creations. A young man who stands out for his strength on the catwalk, authenticating his enormous skill in each sketch that he turns into a piece.

Art explodes throughout Miguel's body, but what inspires him? Ensures that everything From nature to mixed feelings: "I have collections that come from a song, even a religious movement, a failed love relationship or an explosion of joy that gives me a light of hope."

For his creative process and putting his cunning ideas into execution, he defines his moodboard and, then, gives way to the search for materials. Last but not least, develop millions of ideas. “What you see on the catwalk is a clipping of a few hundred looks that I illustrate; I keep the ones I like the most and represent the brand. Something very important to me and for which I am well known is for creating that perfect mood in the show: Music + Lighting + Smell + Styling + Model + Miguel Genao = something almost perfect”, he details.

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