Monica Varela

Más allá del amarillo, los tonos exactos de rojo y azul que Monica Varela eligió para sus prendas vienen de una de las piezas de Pineda, “Memoria” y “Lo que dicen”. Ahí, un niño se encuentra atrapado entre dos esferas, un motivo que Varela coincidencialmente utiliza frecuentemente en su línea.

Beyond yellow, the exact shades of red and blue that Monica Varela chose for her garments come from one of Pineda's pieces, “Memoria” and “Lo que dice”.

There, a child is trapped between two spheres, a motif that Varela coincidentally uses frequently in his line.

"In itself it calls me the perfection of the sphere, for its meaning of excellence, since all forms are required to create it," he says.

“But for this proposal I split it in two with a dividing line in silver, thus creating a puzzle between the child's naivety and the reality that awaits him. Because in the end all of us, absolutely all of us, are split spheres "

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