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INDÓMITA is a non-profit organization, constituted in this way under the laws of the Dominican Republic and its mission is to provide exposure to emerging designers and Dominican artists to produce their collections, elevate their brands and enhance their career development. Being a non-profit organization, 100% of the profits will be dedicated to the creation of a support fund for emerging designers and other initiatives aligned with its strategic mission.

INDÓMITA is an open-door gallery whose mission is to exalt, elevate and promote Dominican fashion and art in all its expressions. With a core DNA focused on fashion, she uses art as inspiration to explore other areas and expand designers' creativity. Within its exhibition spaces there are design pieces for sale from Indómita's exclusive limited collections that are based on exploration and collaboration between design and art.

There is also another niche that participates in the activities supported by INDÓMITA, and they are artisans. The brand believes in the value of specialized manual tailoring, and that is why it encourages guest designers to incorporate different elements made by hand by local artisans into their pieces.

With this model, INDÓMITA will be a catalyst for growth at this moment of potential for Dominican design, providing designers with a gallery as a physical sales channel for access to new clients, who will have the opportunity to become familiar with the materiality of the pieces, a exploration necessary to motivate the first purchase. In addition, consumers can count on the evidence of a production of several new collections per year, both from designers they already know and potential new favorites.

INDÓMITA will complement its physical presence with a virtual exhibition and sales channel, in which it will be possible to experience the digital experience for clients who wish to do so, while further expanding the potential impact of brands. INDÓMITA will invest not only in a physical space or gallery, but also in social media campaigns, print and digital media, employment, and world-class consultants on issues of sales strategies, exhibition and brand image that will enhance its efforts and benefit customers. participating designers.

There, with a proposal located at the intersection of the unpredictability of art with the predictability of the periodicity of the launch of new proposals, INDÓMITA operates.

Where does the name come from?

Quisqueya la indomita y brava is a powerful harangue, as relevant today as during the independence era. Our hymn reminds us that we carry a flame on our chests that, despite the limited footage of our territory, raises us to show off the world to the face, with the right and the duty to always raise our foreheads, with lively emotion. But above all, it tells us that we live in a nation of untamed people, whose will, freedom, and pursuit of growth will never be subdued or limited.

Likewise, indómita is the person who dares to bet on Dominican design. From those who create it to whoever buys it, through the hands that produce and believe in it when distributing it: the Dominican design chain is made up of people who do not conform, who bet on Dominican talent despite foreign competition, who decides to open an ambitious project in the midst of the onslaught of a pandemic and that understands the potential of the undervalued orange economy as a great income generator.

INDÓMITA itself is indómita: although its first iteration is that of a gallery-foundation, the project has the potential to become much more. Its spaces have been designed with enough flexibility to be used for multiple purposes. It is the country itself that will dictate the fate of INDÓMITA.

The non-profit nature of the project is inspired by the solidarity of the Dominicans, who stop in the street to help those in need. That we smile and rejoice in the success of others. And that we always support our family members and those who are close to us. INDÓMITA is inspired by generosity, collaboration and inclusion as fundamental pillars.

More than a gallery, INDÓMITA will generate a catalytic movement of collaboration and growth for the image of fashion and art in our country. In this sense, collaborations with different organizations, companies, designers and artists that share the vision of exalting the Dominican at the level of the most important global brands are foreseen.


The founder: Karina Cortorreal

As a passionate consumer of local design for more than a decade, Karina Cortorreal had been studying the idea of ​​creating a system to promote Dominican fashion and found in art the opportunity to unite both sectors. With INDÓMITA and its hybrid gallery-foundation model, it has fulfilled its purpose in three ways: it strongly affirms that local design has value-generating potential, applauds the aesthetic and narrative value of the work of our contemporary artists and, apart from that, seeks to contribute with the rise of the next generation of fashion designers; More than a non-profit company, it will be a space to promote Dominican design to the highest expression.