Alessandra Tezanos

      Alessandra Tezanos
Inspiración: Jorge Pineda

Es uno de los artistas contemporáneos más talentosos de nuestro país, cuyas piezas se han exhibido en Latinoamérica, en Estados Unidos y en Europa.

La misión encomendada a todos los diseñadores fue la misma: trabajar colecciones cápsula inéditas inspiradas en la obra de Jorge Pineda, específicamente en sus obras de 2020: “Niños con máscaras de piedra”, “El cuento”, “Ensayo y error”, y “Jardín roto”.

Alessandra Tezanos is the jewelry designer who looks beyond the ordinary for great pieces of Azzurrata. Her passion for the art of jewelry started from her childhood. Alessandra grew up wanting to create the jewelry she felt most comfortable with.

Her fascination with elegance, versatility and simplicity developed from seeing her Italian grandmother wearing her jewelry so delicately. It was then that Alessandra knew that she wanted to design jewelry that guarantees the power and beauty that all women should have.

Since January 2017, Alessandra has been the CEO of Azzurrata Jewelry. His aspiration is to achieve art in innovative jewelry techniques. In her teens, she attended an intermediate jewelry design course at Chavon Art School and an advanced jewelry course at FundArte school in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Alessandra graduated from Business Administration to be able to implement all her knowledge in the company Grupo ALETT S.R.L. In the early years, Alessandra had taken private jewelry courses with a well-known designer in her favorite place in Santo Domingo, our Zona Colonial. Where he works with artisans and produces his pieces in a workshop.

Alessandra Tezanos continues day by day challenging her inner quest to create simple pieces, adding that little extra sparkle that Azzurrata can awaken in every outfit and personality of women.