1. Season - Inspired by the art of Jorge Pineda

            1. Temporada - Inspirada en el arte de Jorge Pineda

INDÓMITA is an open door space. Who' mission is to exalt, elevate and promote Dominican fashion and art in all its expressions. It is in turn a non-profit organization, 100% of the profits will be dedicated to the sustainability of the gallery and the creation of a support fund for emerging designers and other initiatives aligned with its strategic mission.

The mission entrusted to all the designers was the same: to work on unpublished capsule collections inspired by the work of Jorge Pineda, specifically in his 2020 works: "Children with stone masks", "The story", "Trial and error", and "Broken garden".

Jorge Pineda is one of the most talented contemporary artists in our country, whose pieces have been exhibited in Latin America, the United States and Europe. In addition to buying, in our store you can enjoy an exhibition of outstanding paintings by this great artist.

Designers selected for the first season

With this first season we are working not with emerging designers, but with authors with an established audience. They are professionals with their own atelier who have the sensitivity to work in collaboration with local artists and artisans. Our main objective is to praise and recognize these designers by being part of INDÓMITA. Starting with the next collections, with a production fund, we will be able to support emerging artists and designers.

The Dominican consumer has indicated that he wants to support local manufacturing, that he is thirsty for objects that represent him like no other. For this reason, we did not expect the ideal ecosystem to be ready, but rather, indomitably, we decided to launch ourselves. We are creating the ideal ecosystem together now, among all the untamed and with an open mind to collaborate with all causes that share the healthy objectives we pursue.