Carolina Sanz

Para Carolina Sanz, la diseñadora más joven de esta primera camada de INDÓMITA, por un tema generacional nunca vislumbró otra opción que no fuera el modelo ready-to-wear.

For Carolina Sanz, the youngest designer of this first litter of INDÓMITA, for a generational issue she never glimpsed another option other than the ready-to-wear model.

INDÓMITA represents a creative opportunity for the designer: the possibility of leaving her already developed patterns and challenging herself through the creation process based on the works of Jorge Pineda.

"One would say that his pieces and mine are opposites, because my brand makes allegories to delicacy and softness, and his works have a strong character, which cause unrest," says Sanz.

"However, I realized that he uses a lot of detail in the prints, that he draws the jackets, that he takes care of the studs of the hoods of works like The Forest.

There I realized all the delicacy that is present in his work."

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