Dwarmis Concepcion

Después de trabajar en la industria de la moda durante varios años, Dwarmis Concepción decidió crear una marca que refleje su punto de vista. Su enfoque es crear formas elegantes y únicas para hacer diseños atemporales.

After working in the fashion industry for several years, Dwarmis Concepción decided to create a brand that reflects her point of view. His approach is to create elegant and unique shapes to make timeless designs. It also made a commitment to be more sustainable by changing the way garments are produced today.

Dwarmis will make just a few pieces of what you love by creating less waste, using fabrics with less impact on the environment, and making custom pieces that consume only what is necessary.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, she is committed to supporting Latin American manufacturing and local New York City stores, allowing her to be involved in every step of creating her designs.

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