Jusef Sánchez

Para la colección cápsula creada para INDÓMITA, Jusef Sánchez seleccionó una de las instalaciones insignia de Jorge Pineda, Me voy: Sur. En esa obra de 2006, un niño de ocho años vistiendo el tradicional uniforme de escuela pública dominicana.

For the capsule collection created for INDÓMITA, Jusef Sánchez selected one of Jorge Pineda's flagship installations, Me voy: Sur. In that 2006 play, an eight-year-old boy wearing the traditional Dominican public school uniform is trapped in a corner, his arms tied by scribbles on either side.

It was precisely in this uniform that Sánchez was inspired to produce pieces in a light blue, mustard and white palette, with black strips that represent what he calls the “dark transition” of the scribbles.

Of all the resulting pieces, one ended up being her favorite: a wide-fitted shirt that can be worn by both women and men.

“With this I wanted to loosen the strict waists, the marked hips… I want to give people more freedom to relax. I also relaxed: before he put obstacles on me, telling me that I only knew how to make fantasy and that I had to spend three months making a dress.

Today I realize that breaking my patterns has opened up the opportunity for a future that I myself did not know could exist for me ”.

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