Maylé Vásquez

“Me encanta el hecho de que INDÓMITA quiere representarnos como país de una manera que exponga el sazón dominicano, pero elevado”, MV. Para su cápsula se inspiró en la mística de Pineda, reflejándola en tres detalles específicos que aparecen en sus obras: una hoja, un tallo y un patrón de camuflaje militar.

“I love the fact that INDÓMITA wants to represent us as a country in a way that exposes the Dominican flavor, but is elevated,” Maylé Vásquez tells us.

For his capsule he was inspired by Pineda's mystique, reflecting it in three specific details that appear in his works: a leaf, a stem and a military camouflage pattern.

His favorite resulting piece is a partial blouse (crop top) that incorporates precisely a sheet similar to those used by the artist, but with an effect that seems to float above the torso.

As an additional touch, several of its pieces have delicate coconut buttons, made by artisans.

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